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– This 101-piece first aid kit stands as a testament to advanced preparedness, encompassing the qualities of an advanced first aid kit. It arrives preloaded with a wide-ranging assortment of comprehensive first aid and emergency supplies, meticulously curated to equip you for a diverse range of situations and ensure you’re confidently prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during your adventures or daily life.
– These essential supplies are neatly contained within a waterproof, floating dry bag that conveniently attaches to loops on your backpack, kayak, vehicle, or lifeguard chair. Its buckled top doubles as a handle, allowing for easy and portable transport wherever you go, ensuring that you’re always ready for any unexpected situations.
– This kit includes a variety of essential items such as adhesive bandages, compressive and absorbent gauze for wound care, and a generously sized triangular bandage suitable for addressing more severe injuries. Additionally, it features a latex-free elastic tourniquet and a reusable aluminum splint to cater to a range of medical needs.
– In addition, you may find essential items like an emergency blanket, rain poncho, multitool complete with an LED light, wire saw, duct tape, and a survival bracelet featuring flint and a compass. These items are particularly vital for wilderness activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing, as well as water-based adventures.
– Product Dimensions: 27.9 x 7.8 x 10.9 cm; 0.6 kg


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  1. Jamie Nero

    Also got for emergency

  2. Alia CoughlanAlia Coughlan

    This product is amazing! There are so many items included in the Breakwater Supply survival first aid kit, and some are items that I never would have thought to add if I was creating my own kit from scratch. A highlight for me was the inclusion of the paracord bracelet and wire saw! I also enjoy the fact that the kit is fairly small in size and able to fit in my saddlebags as well as my hiking day pack without taking up a ton of space. I also feel a lot safer having it on me when I am out enjoying the great outdoors! It also comes with a locking carabineer so you can easily attach it to any of your other bags. I’m thinking about purchasing another one to keep in my car! All in all, a great product that you shouldn’t hesitate on buying! 

  3. Jo C.

    Very compact and came with two ways to attach it to kayak or beach bag

  4. Chris M.

    Basic cheap medical supply and has more survival items the medical supplys.

  5. Mark Brady

    This kit is great to throw in the truck, boat, or backpack. Compact.

  6. LynnMD

    Finally – a practical first aid kit for people that enjoy camping, hiking and other outdoor sports. It’s compact but has the products you will likely need – as opposed to being full of fluff that you won’t. A great gift for anyone that loves the outdoors.

  7. Rein


  8. Kellie A 

    Buy yourself a quality dry bag the size you want and fill it up with the things you need and could even turn it more into a ditch bag for the same price.

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